Your efficient, service-oriented, flexible, professional partners.

Every day, we realise a large number of punctual, smooth deliveries of our products worldwide. A solid infrastructure, reliable logistics partners, global storage capacities and acquisition processes constitute the ideal basis for this. We have established excellent Supply Chain Management for our customers.

We focus on the sustainability of our operating processes and strive to build long-term and cooperative relationships with our customers.

Acquisition | Sourcing

Raw materials make up products and end products. Suppliers make up raw materials. Since 1992, we have long-standing, close and intensely cultivated relationships with our raw material producers and suppliers in Europe and Asia.

With our regular local presence, we ensure the reliability of agreed raw material properties, monitor the implementation of the required delivery terms and supervise the set quality, labour and environmental standards.

Our experience and in-depth product knowledge allows us to identify exactly what the customer needs. Thanks to a specialised knowledge of the market, you receive raw materials that meet your requirements, the quality of which is controlled and which can be used for state-of-the-art production.

Warehousing and Logistics

We can meet your individual requirements relating to quality, packaging, marking, labels or consignment sizes. This lowers your costs and ensures fast integration of our products into your operational processes.

We relieve you through an established supply chain and guarantee short delivery times. To meet the extensive requirements of our customers, we offer various certified storage facilities in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and England.

Our Services for you:

Solids storage

Storage of dangerous goods

Hazardous substances in refrigerated containers

Just in Time

Short delivery times

Cold storage



Quality Management

We can virtually achieve high quality standards in all phases of the procurement and delivery.

Our requirement for this is to constantly keep up with innovations on a national and international basis.

A certified quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 with integration of the relevant legal requirements for GMP + B3 and HACCP ensures mastered processes, the securing of the agreed product quality and its verification in corresponding records, whereby the suppliers are integrated into the quality management system.

  • controlled quality of natural raw materials from origin to delivery
  • sustainable securing of constant product characteristics
  • obvious fulfilment of all statutory and regulatory requirements
  • tested product quality before delivery
  • demonstrated compliance with the agreed product specification

Code of Conduct for Suppliers


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