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The company IHC was founded in 1991 by Inge and Willi Hamacher as a brokerage company. Long years of experience in a responsible position in various small and large German chemical trading companies, with pioneering work since 1983 in China, led Willi Hamacher to use this basis for the foundation of the family business.

Soon the realization dawned that trading as practised as a broker did not meet the requirements of customers, nor could awaken their interest.

Four years later, the conversion into a partnership under the name IHC - IH took place. Chempharm, chemicals and hydrocolloids distributors. At the same time, an office was opened in China.

The first successes emerged through the import of chemical technical raw materials and thickening agents from two major producers in Asia, building a close personal bond with their families.

Thereafter, in 2002, the transformation into a limited liability company was absolutely necessary in the course of expansion and the resulting turnover increase.

Inge and Willi Hamacher hold the company's shares together as partners.

2004 The younger son Dietmar Hamacher becomes a junior partner and equal CEO
2005 relocation of the China office to Lianyungang
2008 relocation of the China office to Tianjin and Xi'an
2008 Certification according to DIN EN 9001:2008
2009 Certification according to GMP + B2
2011 Certification according to GMP + B3
2012 Re Zertif.GMP+B2
2014 Re Audit ISO 9001:2008 / supervis.audit GMP+B3
2015 period. Audit ISO 9001:2008 / Re Audit GMP+B3
2016 new challanges - REACh final phase 2018 / Biocidal guideline

Intelligent Solutions, High Flexibility, Creativity

Our range of services includes the supply of:
  • Chemicals, fine chemicals
  • Food additives
  • Feed additives
  • Specialities like rubber, resins, hydrocolloids
  • Hazardous substances in refrigerated containers
  • Products for the cosmetics industry
  • Flame retardants
  • Sourcing of new or customer-strategic products worldwide from sampling to final delivery.

We see ourselves not only as a dealer, but increasingly as a service in terms of our comprehensive care for our customers.

Logistics companies support us with storing, repackaging, sieving, mixing, etc.

We are certified to


dietary supplement


dietary supplement, assist for bladder infection


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