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Acquisition / Sourcing

Raw materials make up products and end products. Suppliers make up raw materials. Since 1992, we have long-standing, close and intensely cultivated relationships with our raw material producers and suppliers in Europe and Asia.

With our regular local presence, we ensure the reliability of agreed raw material properties, monitor the implementation of the required delivery terms and supervise the set quality, labour and environmental standards.

Our experience and in-depth product knowledge allows us to identify exactly what the customer needs. Thanks to a specialised knowledge of the market, you receive raw materials that meet your requirements, the quality of which is controlled and which can be used for state-of-the-art production.

We are certified to


Tara Gum

vegetable hydrocolloid

emulsifier, stabilizer, thicking agent, used in dressings, ice-cream, candies, marinade, mayonnaise...


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